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After considerable googling I've come to query the masters (looking at you maniacbug,crossroads & westfw). I am having trouble getting SoftwareSerial working with my Sanguino1284p.

I am using maniacbug's latest firmware, the optiboot 16mhz flavor, with Arduino 1.01.
I had previously been using Arduino0023 & NewSoftSerial with this exact same hardware setup and an older firmware without any problems.

I am using both the hardware ports already.
I am using pins 19,20. RX,TX respectively.
I am using the TimedAction lib to poll every 500 millis.

I am using the TX pin for the sparkfun serial LCD using the serLCD library. This is working fine. I am not writing to it very frequently.
I am using the RX pin for a barcode scanner from sparkfun.

All of this was hunky dory under 0023 and older firmware. I am at the point now where I guess I am going to flash back unless you guys have some wisdom for me...

I saw http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,80483.msg725186.html#msg725186    and it sounds like Madhu was also getting TX to work but not RX.

RX is interrupt driven in SoftwareSerial. I noticed that maniacbug said he derived his bootloader from westfw's optiboot. Looking at the optiboot 4.5 github I see that it says there was an experimental change from using USART0 to USART1 for sketch uploading and that this is considered a beta change. I am wondering if this has something to do with it...

I tried disabling the Serial.begin()'s for my two hardware ports.

I am calling .listen() before I check if there is data available.



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OK I downgraded back to my original firmware, which I swear I got from a thread here, and Arduino0023 and everything is working. I would still like to upgrade to 1.01 though.

OK I think this is the firmware I am using successfully now:



What are your definitions for SDA and SCL in pins_arduino.h?
I am asking because twi library will pull up both of these pins (in file twi.c).

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