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Hi to everyone!

This is my first experience with arduino.. I would like to monitor my basement temperature using the famous 1-wire DS18b20 sensor. I cannot put any cable in my house, so i thought to use the powerline technology.

This is my idea:

Arduino <--uart--> Powerline Modem <---> Powerline Modem <--uart-->DS2480B (Serial to 1-Wire Line Driver) <--1-Wire --> DS18B20

What do you think about it? Is that possible?

I didn't choose the powerline IC modem yet, there are a lot on the market, maybe the ST ST7540 with 4800 baudrate could be good.

The DS2480B (pratically the 1-wire bridge) needs 9600 baudrate, to ensure the reset for the 1-wire. St7540's got progammable baud rate for serial interface,but the trasfer after the modulation is 4800 Baud.. could this be a problem?

Does the modem buffer data and then transmit at the baudrate programmed? I can't find any answer at this question..

Thank you so much for the attention.. any help would be appreciated.


P.s. Sorry for my bad english!

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