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I'm looking to create a solder reflow oven similar to the one created on the Ben Heck show. I want to take the AT MEGA chip and put it on it's own circuit board. I know I'll need a crystal, but I'm not sure what else is needed exactly. What do I need to take 120v off the power supply cable to the toaster oven and get it to 5V DC for the arduino? I know I could pull apart a wall wart, but that seems a bit messy. Perhaps that is the best option though. Thought I would get everyone's take on that before starting.


"similar to the one created on the Ben Heck show"
Got a link?

Reflow Oven controller http://www.sparkfun.com/products/81

5Vwallwart http://www.dipmicro.com/store/DCA-0510
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If you don't want to take a wall wart apart, you could use something like this http://www.newark.com/xp-power/ece05us05/power-supply-ac-dc-5v-1a-5w/dp/89T3513.
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Do I also need a linear regulator between this and the ATMEGA?

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