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I'll see if I can work out the wiring of the button > MC30, then if we have time include the Arduino config.

Shutter release cables have 3 wires (ground, focus, and shoot).  When the ground and focus are connected it does the 1/2 press shutter action (usually focus lock), and when all 3 are connected it does the full press shutter action (normally fire).

Here is a site that tries to document all of the different shutter release cables, and which pins are which:

What you typically want to do is put an opto-isoloator between the arduino and the camera (two of them, one for focus, and one for shoot, or if you don't care about having a separate pre-focus step, wire both the focus and shoot wires together.  A typical opto-isolator is a 4N25.  I happen to have 4N26JP from Jim-pak.  Here is a picture of my setup using LEDs.  I haven't gotten to the step of hooking up the camera but I should soon:

Here is a tutorial for doing high speed photography for balloon popping shots, that also describes the opto-isolators.  The guy is from http://cameraaxe.com, which provides arduino shields and pre-made setups for cameras.

In terms of the shutter release cable, you can either buy and hack up a cheap clone cable like you have, or you can buy cables meant for the pixel shutter releases, which have a 2.5mm phono cable on one end, and camera specific bits on the other.


The Nikon D50 does not have an external shutter release port.  You can onlu use the regular manual shutter button, or, an IR fob.

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