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hi there does anyone know if an arduino uno can communicate with fire alarm detectors using "Apollo" and "Hochiki protocols it would only be 7 addressable detectors

i know fire alarms use 24v dc and was wondering if i could use optocouplers to take a signal to the arduino and transmit?

thanks alot

this is the only information i can find


Transmission Type   Half duplex, serial asynchronous digital
2 wire, Voltage transmit, Current receive
Data format   8 data bits, 1 start and 1 stop bit
Data rate   1200 bits/second
Operating voltage   Digital 0 - 24Vdc
Digital 1 - 32Vdc
Operating current   Digital 0 - Loop current + 22mA
Digital 1 - Loop current + 0mA
Error checking    Byte - Even parity
Message - 8 bit checksum
Command Types   Polling, Control, Interrupt and Group
Polling rate   7.5 seconds per loop
Interrupt response time    1.5 seconds max., 1.0 seconds typ


You will probably need to sign a NDA (none disclosure agreement) to get actual details of their serial protocol. Ask them they might release it to you.

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