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Hi there,

I'm new to this. Thanks for creating such a great forum. Has been lots of fun learning my way around Arduino so far.

Using a work laptop with admin privileges atm, running Windows 7.
Have flip and Arduino installed

I built a midi instrument and loaded some compatible midi firmware onto the 16U2 so it was sending midi data directly to the computer. Wanted to change the original sketch so I reset the chip again and tried to load original hex file onto it via "Update Driver" for Unknown Device in Device Manager.

"Windows could not find driver software for your device".

This seemed weird as it had been working fine (albeit on another computer) so I re-downloaded Arduino from scratch, thinking I'd misplaced my original drivers (they weren't showing up in Program Files).

Same deal.

Also in flip, all the options are grayed out, and com.atmel.flip.IspException is telling me that it "Cannot open USB device".

Any ideas? There's a high chance I'm doing something really noobish (probably with flip) and have simply forgotten how I was able to swap between drivers so easily yesterday.

All help/comments will be very much appreciated.


Louis Davis

You will need to get the 16U2 into DFU mode and then you can use FLIP to load the USBserial firmware into the 16U2 to get back the default upload behavior.

See here for help getting the 16U2 in DFU mode (Same procedure as 8U2) :



Thanks for the reply.

I have reset the chip so that it is showing up as unknown device (ie in DFU mode), and have downloaded the updated hex file/driver for the 16u2.


When I load this into flip, I am still getting grayed out options, and still can't communicate with the USB.

Any ideas?

Louis Davis

Once the 16U2 is in DFU mode, you will need to install the Atmel DFU drivers that came with the FLIP install.

After that, FLIP will find the device and you can program it.

Since you are programming it in DFU mode, you don't use the "COMBINED" version of the firmware. The "COMBINED" version is only used when you are using an external ISP programmer.

You want this file for DFU mode: ( Make sure you program the correct version for your board; Mega2560 or UNO )


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