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Ok guys. I cant talk with this modem at all.

It has ttl logic so i use an RS232 to TTL converter.
Ground pin goes to ground
Transmit of modem goes to receive of converter
Receive of modem to transmit of converter

Then convertr Tx output at arduino pin 2 set to receive
Converter Rx output at arduino pin 3 set to transmit

I am using this code:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

int state=0;
const int rxpin = 2; // pin used to receive
const int txpin = 3; // pin used to transmit
SoftwareSerial gsm(rxpin, txpin); // new serial port on pins 2 and 3
void setup()

gsm.print("AT+CPIN=2955");  //or gsm.print("AT+CPIN="); gsm.print(2955);

void loop()

if (state==0){

gsm.print("AT+CMGF=1\r"); //Set text mode
      gsm.print("AT+CMGS="); //Send message
      gsm.write((byte)0x22); //"
      gsm.print("*Phone number goes here*"); //Phone no, i have digits, not the text i have now inside
      gsm.write((byte)0x22); //"
      gsm.write((byte)0x0D); //Enter
      gsm.print("Arduino talking to ya!");//Text message
      gsm.write((byte)0x0D); //Enter
      gsm.print("Enter has been pressed");//Text message
      gsm.write((byte)0x1A); //Ctrl+Z

Well i cant get back nothing. I cant even talk to it...

Any ideas?


You should probably first connect the GSM Modem through to the PC and use Serial Monitor to check that it is working.

If you send the command "AT" you should get the response "OK".  If that doesn't happen your modem may not be in command mode.  Make sure line endings are turned off in Serial Monitor.  Wait a second. Type "!!!" and hit Enter. Wait another second.  You should get the "OK" prompt to let you know that you are in command mode.
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It has ttl logic so i use an RS232 to TTL converter.

I don't understand this. A RS232 to TTL converter is to convert RS232 to TTL and TTL to RS232. Why do you want RS232 values to feed into the Arduino? Are you trying to destroy it?
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But how can i connect it to a pc?
This modem has a weird connector (SUB HD 15)

This is the datasheet of the modem if anyone wants to take a look at the connector



Come on!
Noone has seen this connector before!

i have to do my thesis till september and it relies on this...

BTW, does anyone know whats the cheapest GSM modem i can get, in case this doesnt work?

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