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Hey Guys  :) ... Need your advice on this idea of mine  :)

> Maybe you've seen (and i think you have) the LASER HARP project on the net, well i wanted to build something similar to that but using more simpler and i hope more cheaper components and parts.

> I plan on proposing it as a project. About the Laser part of the project, i plan on using a simple laser pointer placed to point upward then aligned on top of it would be a photo-diode.

> the Laser pointer and the photo-diode will act as the "Strings" to the Harp, and there will be 8 of this for the 8 notes.

> So what do you think? oh and some advice on what speaker or speakers i can use for this, but i'm hoping to use only one speaker to produce all of the eight note.

> Hope you guys can give your thoughts about this... tnx  XD


How do they do it? Probably something similiar, the hardest part will be creating 8 simultaneous notes with the arduino, you may be better off controlling 8 555 timers with eight small speakers, easier and probably cheaper if you find speakers laying around


- i have thought about that and search for it on the net. Another suggested that i should multiplex the 8 notes to a Arduino(i plan on using this), and searched it and found this "It is not possible to read or write more than one pin on the 4051 at the same time, because you can only select one pin at a time." So if i understood this correctly, then i wont be able to simultaneously play two notes or more at the same time, or did i understand wrong?


Here is an App Note from Atmel about generating multiple tones using an AVR processor and the PWM outputs.



Any advice on making simultaneous playing of 2 or more note possible?  :|

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