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Thanks for past help, first question though and I think it's a silly one. On the old adafruit motor driver (with the ld293) there were 3 rows of six pins in the bottom left hand corner labelled A (0-5) Gnd and +5 (pic attached Apins). However the new one (v2.3 ) doesn't have these pins or uses some of them and there is no row/pins labelled gnd or +5 outside the power pins for the arduino(pic qpins).  I want to attach some IR sensors to the new motor shield but can't find/read a datasheet/schematic that will tell me which pins I can use or how to refer to them in code. For example "int sensorPin1 = A5;". There are plenty of spots to solder new pins but which are the ones I need for 2 IR sensors with a GND, +5 and signal each?    I appreciate the help very much, I just can't find the info :(


That's bottom right isn't it?

Well the analog pins just come straight through from the Arduino underneath.

You'll need to use an intermediary for power like a small breadboard or a piece of stripboard. Or you could make up a couple of "y-shaped" wires to split the 5V and GND into 2 of each.
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lol yes it is bottom right, TY that seems to be what they did on the old motor driver but on the new one they share power to 2 servo outputs and not the analog pins. In any case they still share power to another set of gnd, +5 and signal so couldn't I just use them? Such as " int sensorPin1 = servo 1"? Will have to try but if you know it would save me some trouble shooting:)  Thanks again I think it would have been awhile before I worked it out!


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As far as I know, the A0 to A5 are not used with the old Motor Shield.
The new Adafruit Motor Shield uses I2C, which means that for an Uno board the A4 and A5 are used.

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