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Author Topic: I have an led on my shield  (Read 1003 times)
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"There's lots of places to buy just the parts you want."

Yeah, getting quick sick of shopping off of ebay. Do you know any stored in Canada that might sell things for Arduino? I know stored like The Source or Futureshop never sell anything for circuits and such...

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There's Canadians who mention 2 places at least, DigiKey might have a place in Canada. You could start a thread down in Bar Sport asking. Or you can find the purchase thread and skim through 19 pages of that, there's lots of parts sources mentioned.,91399.0.html

I rarely do eBay. Allelectronics, Mouser, DigiKey, and many others are parts houses and they do sell pretty much worldwide. Allelectronics is kind of a salvage and overstock place with some strange items, an interesting catalog and decent prices, Mouser and DigiKey are full-service new parts. I got 4 328P-PU chips (Arduino UNO chip) for only US$2.08 ea from Mouser just last week which really ain't bad. And they have nice catalogs too.

EBay.... a good place to buy things you're not sure of but occasionally you can turn up gold. Focalist calls it bottom-feeding and comes up with some real winners.


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