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Hi all. Just received my cheap-o-oled display I bought from ebay --> http://viewitem.eim.ebay.fi/SPI-096-128X64-LED-OLED-Display-Module-two-color-For-Arduino-Smart-Car-33V5v/110910802962/item?transId=883387573001

And the question is simply how can I get it working with Arduino? The specs say --> "This module provides 4-wire SPI-89C52 Drive driver, 9S12XS128 program, controller data and user-friendly interface circuit development. Users only need four IO ports to control the LCD.......a variety of interfaces, 3-wire or 4-wire synchronous serial SPI interface mode, IIC two-wire interface mode."

But where can I get the driver/program whatever? Has anyone else used this somewhere?

Help is really much appreciated, thanks.


Your best chance would be to contact the seller.

Short of that, if it is 128x64 oled, it is likely based on SSD1306 from Solomon. The chip supports 3-/4-wire SPI (D0/D1 as SCK/MOSI) and i2c (as SCL/SDA) in serial form. There are many such code pieces out there but writing your own from the datasheet isn't difficult. The trick is to implement a procotol layer (3-/4-wire spi or i2c) and then implement a device layer on top of that so you can switch the underlying protocol without having to change your device or application code.

The 3-wire spi uses 9-bit transmission so read the datasheet to see if it supports padding. Otherwise, you have to use software spi.


Shit....(excuse me :) )....got it working with Adafruit libraries....COOOL :)


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