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My car had a factory fitted Clarion CD player which sent information to a dash-mounted screen through (what I assume is) a serial connection. The CD player is long gone, but I was wondering if I could use one of my Arduino Unos to send data via the same protocol? FYI, the screen unit is manufactured by Jaeger for PSA Peugeot/Citroen for the Peugeot 206.

I have disassembled the dash screen, and it contains a simple double sided PCB, with some resistors, caps and 3 chips:

*The first and smallest chip was ungooglable, and said PSA (the company that owns Peugeot, my car's make) and some numeric strings. I assume this chip encodes the clock with date outside and inside temperature readings etc, and sends it as I2C or some such to the other chips. A few traces do terminate at the screen's ribbon cable, which I assume power the "degrees C/F" and related segments, and the clock segments.

*The second was also ungooglable, and featured a Mitsubishi (same as the chemical company and car manufacturer) logo. Most of the large number of traces went to the screen's ribbon cable, though a few went to each of the other chips. I assume this is the screen controller which encodes characters, as the screen is a graphical black LCD in the largest area.

*The third WAS googlable, and I found some info and a pinout on it, as linked below. I assume this Atmel subsidiary (Temic) "Van controller serial interface" is what connects the Mitsubishi screen controller to the car stereo's data signal and the "PSA" chip's date display data, as they share the same screen segments.


Does anybody know if the Arduino Uno could be made compatible with the VAN/CAN serial interface standard, or if it already is? Judging from the overview on that page, the same wiring which connects the stereo to the screen also connects with the ECU, BCM and diagnostics port (which isn't OBDII compliant). Would that allow other data such as engine speed and vehicle speed to be retrieved here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to spend ~$20 on a replacement screen which doesn't fit perfectly into the dash and will look modified.

michael shiloh

I don't have a full answer to your question but SparkFun sells a CANBUS shield which might be useful


As michael shiloh stated, there are shields that enable an Arduino to communicate using CAN protocols.  However, you might also want to inquire on the forum over at mp3car.com.  You probably are more likely to find someone with information about interefacing a microcontroller with your specific model of car in a community devoted to after-market computer and electronics automobile modding.

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