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hey guys, thanks again for the advice.
just an update. had time to do some tinkering and voltage devider did the job just fine :)

I have another question regarding the same project but im not too sure where to post it.

I'll stick it here for now as its the same project but if someone woudl care to point me to the correct place it'd be apreciated :)

Decided (as the thing will probaby take a beating) not to buy an arduidon WAV shield but go a little more low-tech. As i just need it to play one sound on command I've used a very basic audio rec/play circuit designed for a greetings car. At the moment i have everyhing running off a single 9v battery (runs the PIR just fine) and the little audio component drawing 5v from the arduino but thats as far as i've got so far.
The playback at the moment requires me to close a switch. what's the best way to have the arduino close it?

I was thinking a transistor would do the job but my electronics knowlage is failrly limited(still learning) and I've never used one with the exception of the odd kit build and I have no idea witch one to use

Just took a step back and rearanged things a little to help myself approach it more logically. i now have a single point on my project i need to send to ground on command from the arduino. I know it's p[retty much the same thing but im viewing the problem with a little more clarity now. (still no solution though)

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