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If you do actually use some sort of low pressure pumping system a liquid flow meter, like this one, might be useful.  The linked meter sends a pulse after ~2.25 ml, and least for fluids like water.  For more viscous fluids like laundry soap you may need to characterize it.  In any case, while not extremely accurate or precise, it should be sufficient for the task at hand.  There might be others even better suited, I just don't know of any off-hand.


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In commercial laundry applications such systems are very common, using large containers of detergent, fabric softener, etc. Think small low volume, high pressure pump and either a timer, # of piston pulses, etc determine how much detergent gets dispensed. It's open-loop control but good enough given that the clothes washer can determine how much detergent it needs from analyzing the load in it and the program selected.


A lot of Rube Goldberg-ish things come to mind 8)
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A neat little project idea I've had is a little module with a three buttons (small, regular, and extra large loads), that automatically dispenses the correct amount of liquid laundry soap into the washing machine.  (it's a front loader with a lid/flap on the top that you open and pour the liquid soap in as the water runs through it).

Any ideas on how to somewhat accurately measure the detergent out?

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