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Coding Badly

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Why wouldn't simple sketches work? Does it affect millis() or something?

At 20 MHz, millis and the other time functions will be off.  It's a limitation brought over from the Standard Arduino Core.

The Tiny Core works well at the typical clock speeds: 1, 8, and 16 MHz and should work fine at 2 and 4 MHz.

Note: The ATtiny85 processor is able to run at 16 MHz with no external components.


Yes, exactly what Coding Badly said  :) ... The Arduino Core has limitations like that.



Ok, so I've got the atttiny85 fuses set for 8mhz, and uploading programs work
now I just gotta work on that spi
Im gonna try and use that playground example as part of an 85spi library, if anyone knows of one already let me know lol


Ok, I set the 85. To 16Mhz, figured it can't hurt
made myself a mirf85 and spi85 library, which at this point mesh well and compiles, however the functions I need to replicate are blanked out for now
if anyone knows these it will helpp me, im gonna try and do it myself but mybe there's a bettter way
I need


Success! Sorta
I got spi working for use with the nrf24l01 module, actually not too hard at all
now the problem lies with that I used all my I/o on it so I can't do anything lol
Guess I should've gotten the 84 for use with the nrf24l01, although I kinda like the small 8pin dip I can fit on the back of the nrf24l01 if I wanted
I think perhaps if I only use it in tx mode I can save the ce and csn pin by tieing them to a rail, tht will allow me 2 pins maybe for ds18b20 and a few buttons

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