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I'm just finishing up my first custom Arduino board. Once the bootloader is on I plan on connecting the smaller mono OLED display found on ebay or the larger color 4DSystems type. It features a 1A LDO regulator and two pushbuttons. Not much else since it's onlt 1.1" X 1.0" in size. Feel free to let me know if I missed something on the schematic. I tried to figure out what pins go where from the official arduino board schematics. Either OLED will push onto the front and the GPS will have to be sticky taped to the rear. On top of the regulator. The idea and code I used is at: http://karman.cc/blog/archives/746

Working Prototype:







Just saw the photos. Nice build up!

What I miss is the LiPo power source with it's charger :P



True. I stripped out all of the good stuff! This is just a starting point so it it works so far I may add the charger and booster on the next go.



Nice project! I'd love to see how it evolves


It's been about a year since this first post and i'm still working on the project! Since then pretty much everything has changed except the size of the display. I like the 32u4 microcontroller with built in USB, liPo battery charger and navigation button i'm using now. Check out the latest version at: https://sites.google.com/site/0miker0/arduino-sensor-board


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