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Topic: Why Ethernet Shield v6 uses a RJ45 with 10 pins ? (Read 2059 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm trying  to assemble the Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev. 6.
I'm having difficulty to locate the proper RJ45 connector with 10 pins.
I need help in order to specify the right connector.

Eric V. Barreto.


I don't think it's a 10pin jack on the "ethernet" side, but in order to implement the Power-over-Ethernet capability, the connector has to provide both a filtered signal output ("with magnetics") as well as a "raw" (rawer, anyway) output for the power.  So it has more pins coming out than it has going in.   Silvertel (who makes the PoE modual) has a list of compatible jacks here: http://www.silvertel.com/poe_magnetics.htm

I'm not sure which one the Arduino shield actually uses.

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