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Hello all!

I was wondering if any of you used the Pro Micro development board and how it is like. I wanted to order the Arduino Mini 5V board, but my supplier said it was sold out, and he offered me the Pro Micro. Is it much different than the classical (bigger) Arduino ?I am currently working at a project where size matters (the smaller, the better).

The board I use now is ChipKit Max 32 and it is a wonder, especially for me, who I need a lot of digital pins.

Thank you!


What is a Pro Micro?
I don't see that as a variant.

I have PCBs on order, ATMega1284 Mini, that will be small like a ProMini but has the 32 IO pins of a 1284, dual hardware serial ports, 128K RAM, and the biggest SRAM of all the variants, 16K.  Already left China, just waiting on arrival.  I ordered 50, will have plenty to offer around.

Details/discussion in this thread
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This is what I am talking about:
http://www.robofun.ro/platforme/arduino_dev/pro_micro_5v_16_mhz . Sorry for not makimg it a link, I am writing from an iPad device and copy/paste is gruesome. The site is in Romanian, but I think the picture would make the problem more clearly for you.

Thank you for the offer, I will keep you posted.


The Pro Micro is an ATmega32U4-based board made by Sparkfun.  It's a Leonardo clone, and uses the same bootloader.  Compared to the Leonardo it's missing pins 11, 12, 13, A4 and A5.


I have built a very successful project around the 3.3v version of the Pro Micro. It is a nice small arduino variant. It shares the Leonardo's quirks, but so long as you are aware of them, it works fine.

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