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Sorry about this, if you'll get angry with me, but I just figured out it was +,-, and cmd at the end. It looks 3 phase (wires coiled up in a triangle, one wire from each part, etc.). It plays this song and spins extremely fast. Thank you.


It plays this song and spins extremely fast.

Sounds like Michael Jackson...


It Might be a bit easier to think of ground as the "return"... that removes the concept of polarity form the general discussion. Polarity is a specific term relating to a specific set of conditions, It is a lot easier to think of sources and returns rather than + - or common (Gnd). Trying to build an image from power distribution terms will always lead to confusion simply because there is no connection (pardon the pun) between ground and neutral and neutral is not necessarily the return. a 3 phase Delta connected motor or transformer.. has no neutral or ground except for safety concerns and except for dealing with fault currents needs none.

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