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I don't know how to work with the IR library.
I really tried every single example there and nothing seem to work:
IRsend: Don't know what I'm sending and don't have a sony TV
IRrecive: when ever I point the remote and click a button it types "0" and that's it, sometimes doesn't work at all.
IRrecord: It thinks the button is pressed all the time!!! I checked the connections, tested the button, and yet it seems to send a code I haven't even recorded over and over 3 times a second.

Can I please get a good guide? Website didn't really help me.


every TV brand uses different signals, even within a single brand like sony the codes differ as per TV type

you need a IR led and a IR recieving ldr (or whatever it is named) a IR recording device to find out what your remote is sending
once figured out you might be able to reproduce it.. i wonder dough if these IR devices use a high frequency or a low speed morse effect  (morse as like s... o - - -  s...       ...  - - - ...
decoding a frequency might be complex


What parts, specifically what IR receiving module, are you using?  What remotes are you testing it with?  If your getting 0 all the time, either you are not using the correct module for the remote, or you haven't wired it right. 

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