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i just bought a phototransistor, you like to know how to hook it up. maybe just make it turn on an led with the sense of light from a tv remote. anything really to get me started with it.

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Here you go!  This is how I learned.  So in your application just replace the use the variable "val" with what ever you want to control and remove the serial functions!

If you need help reading the diagram, just connect the positive side of the phototransitor to +5v, the negative side to analog 1 in AND to a 10k resistor that connects to ground =D


Thanks. I can read diagrams and stuff in that starter guide from spark fun I just used the diagrams not the breadboard overlays :)

no prob!  Didn't mean to assume, but I definitely had a hard time reading those when I first started and still have trouble reading more advanced ones today!

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