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Hello everyone :)

Our setup includes 2 RFID readers:

1. Sparkfun's RFID Starter Kit attached to Arduino UNO. The code we are using to read the RFID tags is this one.

2. Standalone Em Marin RFID reader with keyboard emulation module attached to a PC. The PC acts as a server, with a MySQL database with clients and their RFID card tags. The system will be used for user authentication.

The issue is that the tags coming from Arduino and the standalone reader are different, even though we use the same card. It seems that the tag we get from Arduino is longer than the one we get from the standalone reader.

Example of data coming from "Card 1":

- Arduino, ID-12 reader
4C00210B0D6B (binary: 10011000000000000100001000010110000110101101011)

- Wiegand reader
0003302829 (binary: 11001100000010100000101001)

We need to get the same tag from both readers, any suggestion will be appreciated!


Well.. We sort of managed to resolve this issue: taking "0B0D" from the HEX code and converting it to DEC, we got "2829", witch matches the las 4 numbers of the card.

Thanks anyway.

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