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Can any body help in IVR interactive voice responce any idea..........


What module you can use or are using?, Do you even have any idea of Hardware that is required to accomplish this?or you need to start from scratch on this?
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pushujgd, you need to give more details. Are you talking about phone IVRS. You can build an IVRS using DTMF decoder and an MP3 or WAV shiled.
Reply for more details.
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You may try using a Music Shield for using Pre Recorded Messages or Speakjet for Real Time Voice Response/Acknowledgement and an EasyVr Module for Speech Recognition alongwith the any flavour of Arduino microcontroller board.


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Have you tried BitVoicer (http://www.bitsophia.com/BitVoicer.aspx)? You can create unlimited voice response scenarios by using its Voice Schemas.

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