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Coding Badly

supplement it with movable lights

I highly recommend OttLite.  I love those things in my work area.


Seems like you thought of everything especially fume extraction.

Can I underline this, having spent over 40 years bent over a soldering iron I now find that solder flux increases asthma symptoms. You might not think you need it now and might not appreciate it if you use it but if you don't use it eventually it will hit you.  


I've been thinking about fume extraction in my work area lately, any suggestions on the best way to set it up???

Another consideration, with flooring and bench top material is preventing static build up, and a good earth to prevent this.

In my dream workshop I would love an extra shelf above my work bench to hold power supplies etc, to keep the clutter off the work area, and put heaps of power outlets in, there can never be enough.


A hard surface is best for cleaning and finding parts... ...Easier to slide around on a chair though

Or with socks on  :D

Jonathan Oxer

Or with socks on

Heh, don't make me visualise that   :-(

As far as flooring goes I like @cr0sh's suggestion of industrial lino, particularly if it's not too late to combine it with underfloor heating. I may still be able to arrange that. What I don't like about hard floors normally is that in winter months when the slab is cold, it seeps up through your feet and leaves you feeling rusty even if the air itself in the room is a nice temperature. Underfloor heating obviously solves that.

By the way, I was pointed to this by someone on Twitter, Ben's "Super Work Bench 2009":


Really nice setup.

Ran Talbott

Not too long back we found out our dog likes to eat money (paper bills); we don't know why.

Probably the cocaine residue.   ;D  Does it show a preference for big bills?

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