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ok, il riferimento di base è lo stesso!


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How about the itead board. Features ethernet controller, Atmel 328P, and lots of other connectivity features in a arduino-compatible package, all for $29. You will need a FTDI cable or a ISP programmer (like the AVR ISP MKII) to program it however, as there is no USB port on the PCB.

On the flipside, it features the wiznet controller and built-in xbee and NRF+ connectors. Nifty!


hi Constantin

How about the itead board.

i've bought one of those few months ago.
You are right, integrated NRF+ and Xbee socket are interesting, and the board is really cheap.
Its cons is the lack of standard pin layout.


perch√® non posti direttamente qui il link alla tua creazione?  :P

Ecco il progetto.

Funziona bene.


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