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I am looking to combine two hobbies of mine, electronics and geocaching.

I have a idea for a geocache where the in order to have access to the log you must first correctly answer three randomly chosen questions.

My vision looks like this:

4 LCDs, 1 to read the question and the remaining three would each have a possible answer, each of the 3 answer LCDs will have a button to act asinput from the user to select a correct answer

What I am looking for is to read a random question from a bank of questions stored on an sd card and print the question and each answer to its own LCD and for the arduino to know if the input from the user is correct or incorrect.

Once the user has 3 correct answers a servo will allow access to the log.

Can anyone point me in a direction that may assist me in this..



Why three LCDs ?
I you have a large LCD with 4 (or more) lines you could do this:

What is cold ?
A. Fahrenheit is cold.
B. Celcius is colder.
C. My beer.

And you could have three buttons labeled "A", "B" and "C'.

You need indeed a SD card to store many text.
In the playground section is some information. You also need a shield with SD card socket. You have to learn how to store a file and read it, before you can do your project.
Perhaps you can store a single questions with answers in a single file. And you randomly choose a file to load.


This sounds like an app for a smart phone.

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