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have you tried coating it with a blue magic marker


Hahahah, that's a proper DIY hack right there mate. Excellent.

I'm sure I asked for a diffused casing but they gave me clear. So it pumps out a huge amount of light in an upward direction (imagining the LED is plugged into a breadboard) and not that much in the other directions.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to be leaning over the breadboard when I plugged the thing in with only 330r. I was quite shocked (read: blinded) at the power.

Definitely cool tech though.


Hey mate, try roughly sanding the top to give you a nice diffused effect, those bloody LEDs set out to blind us ;)


Blue is down the spectum so apear brighter, you could diffuse the led with some fine sandpaper


I love bright blue LEDs but I do agree that you don't want to look directly at them. The SMD wide angle LEDs are even worse.


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