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After looking at the analog hardware requirements of the ATmega328P-AU chip, 32 pins and 2 extra analog inputs, Which board would I select to up load my sketch so I may take advantage of these two analog pins. The analogRead() function says it will read 8 analog inputs with the Nano and the Mine boards. I have built up a pcb and its is similar to the Mini board. I have been selecting the Uno board up to this time to up load but I haven't been using the extra 2 inputs. I suppose I could just try loading in software but I am at a stage in my design where I am laying out a PCB and don't have the hardware available to program at this time. I believe that it will work but I am looking for a little feedback or assurance that I am correct. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Promini does not bring the extra pins out.
Or go with a bigger chip, like a '1284 - more IO , more memory, about $2 more  a chip.
Here's a board I just put together.
Design details here
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Hello CrossRoads,

Thanks for the reply. You sure are busy. Lots of nice looking PCB's. I'll try it with the Nano board loader. For my current project which is my first with the ATmega328, it has just enough pins. My next project I was thinking of using the Mega 2560. Lots of I/O but maybe I could use the 44 pin version. I might be just enough. I don't have any pix of my board otherwise I would post it. I have it in a real nice enclosure which holds a 2 x 16 lcd display perfectly.

Thank again,


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