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I've been doing a bit of research/work on the drum machine project idea I had a while back, and I'm trying to wrap my head around how best to process a wav file in order to dump it either into flash memory or, as is more likely, onto an old-style parallel E(E)PROM. I don't have a programmer yet for said ROMs but I can go shopping for one next payday - in the interim I want to test the files from the flash memory of one of the ATmega328's I have knocking around. A single sample is about 18.7kb, so one will fit :)

The general idea for a rough-as-guts test bed is to simply shove all the data out in parallel on PORTD or something, through a DAC and see what I get (if anything) on the other end. I'd rather have some idea if it's going to work before going equipment shopping!

So far, I have:

Wave files processed in Audacity and exported as RAW(header-less), unsigned 8-bit, 32khz mono.
A HEX editor, specifically Frhed, which I have so far used for comparing the "normal" wav with the header-less one just for a look, and exporting the data as a hexdump text file.

What's the best way to get the compiler to take this data and shove it in flash memory as a great big array so I can read through it from my main program? I'm googling in another tab as I write this, but it's a bit hit-or-miss not knowing exactly the technical programming terms for some things.


If you can get it into a format with a character between 8-bit values (2 hex characters) you can change that character to ",0x" to make a list of hex constants.  A good text editor should allow you to do the whole hex dump in a few steps.
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