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Brian Neltner

Dear forum,

I have put together a custom arduino-based board, and am trying to use a non-standard analog input so as not to conflict with the shield pins.

Using the leonardo base, I have connected an analog voltage to pin PF7, which is not normally connected to the shield pins. However, this is a valid ADC pin -- ADC7 (on the core Atmel, AI7 is connected to ADC9 on the shield pinout).

Does anyone know if there is a straightforward way to tell the Arduino to use this pin as an analog input, or do I have to go in and do it manually using the GCC core libraries? It would be super convenient if I could modify a file somewhere to tell it that ADC7/PF7 is attached to, I don't know, AI12 or some other unused analog input virtual port to take advantage of the simplicity of the AnalogRead(analogpin) functionality.



I don't understand the question.
PF7 is shown on the schematic as A0.  Why is any mod needed?
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Brian Neltner

Odd. You're right. Apparently I was thinking further ahead than I thought when I made the system, and my schematic is just mislabeled.

Thanks! AI0 it is.

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