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i DID A MISTAKE in the comments:
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PORTD = B00000100;              //Turn digital pin 2  "IS" HIGH "NOT" LOW
PORTD = B00000000;             //Turn digital pin 2 "IS "  LOW "NOT" HIGH


Hello again.

I find a project that,  i guess, it fits what I'm thinking of

"Remote Sensor" is an example application using Objective Development's
firmware-only USB driver for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. It is a data logger
with wireless sensors transmitting measured data in the 433 MHz or 868 MHz
range to a central receiver. The central receiver is connected to the USB port
of a host computer. This project contains circuit diagrams and source code for
the firmware of the sensors and the receiver. It also contains an example for
the host software: A daemon logging incoming data to a CSV file and a PHP
script for web servers which makes diagrams from the CSV table. The host
software can be compiled on Windows using libusb-win32 and MinGW.

Objective Development's USB driver is a firmware-only implementation of the
USB 1.1 standard (low speed device) on cheap single chip microcomputers of
Atmel's AVR series, such as the ATtiny2313 or even some of the small 8 pin


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