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Topic: Solution to PCREL error for avr25/ATTiny84/ATTiny85/ATTiny88. (Read 14880 times) previous topic - next topic


Thank you Tom !
My code is compiled perfectly on Attiny85 now !

Tom Carpenter

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You're welcome :) Glad it works for you.


I have upgraded to latest version of Arduino IDE and again I was both glad and surprised.

Glad: for your solution - thanks Tom

Surprised: How it is possible, that the ld (linker) is not included in distribution already patched. Does anyone know why?


I know I'm resurrecting this post but I wanted to let the community know that I was having the same _PCREL_ error while trying to verify code on an ATTiny85 using IDE 1.0.6 on a late 2014 mac. I downloaded the zip in post #4 and moved it to the mentioned directory, after deleting the old ID file first, and it worked like a charm. thanks for the fix Tom.

Weird that the Arduino team still has not addressed this yet seeing as there are plenty of people using ATTiny85s and the fix seems so simple, must be super busy.

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