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Hello. I would like to build an Arduino web server.
Would it be possible to have an arduino outside of the house, with webserver on it.
Then transmit wireless to the router inside of the house.
And then access arduino webserver via router from anywhere, just by connecting to the internet and typing ip address?

I would like to build a greenhouse and then access data, such as temperature... from web browser, but i would like the connection from greenhouse to router to be wireless.


I have done my project exactly like that:

The source code is available for the arduino backend and backbone.js + jQueryMobile frontend.

It's still a prototype.


I built something similar to what you are wanting.  Although, I built a tempeture controller for a BBQ.  It has 4 tempeture probes you can even add more probes wirelessly.  I used  a linksys router with a custom openwrt flashed to it and it has a custom built ATmega328 PCB connected to the serial port.  It connects to the main router wirelessly and then I can connect to the linksys and get temp info on my phone or computer.  Although my setup also has a small blower to control a bbq, i could see that same function being used to control a Fan or some other cooling device.

All the directions are here

To be able to control something bigger then a 12 volt fan then the board would need to be modified, It shold get you in the right direction though


I'm currently building a mow robot that is connected to the internet. The idea is that this way I do not need any buttons on the machine itself. only I big on/off switch which is the green thing on the box at the right side.
As you can see on the picture below there is a netgear attached in the front middle of the box. This allows for connecting the arduino ethernet card to the wifi available in the garden.

As my garden is big (5000 square meters) I have bought a strong wifi transmitter (it stated 4km but I seriously doubt that is possible). I have positioned the wifi transmitter so that I can use in my house and in the garden.
The robot loses its internet connection from time to time but I did not have time yet to investigate the root cause.
I have been considering to replace the netgear by a real wifi router. This would allow me to add one or more IP cam's to the robot. But the netgear is really small and works. If I put in a real wifi router I probably need a bigger box.

If you want to reach your arduino from outside your house you will need to do some network configurations. Which exact steps you need to take depend on the network setup you will go for.
Lost of good luck with your project.

Best regards
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I have been considering to replace the netgear by a real wifi router.

A couple years back I did some tinkering with my netgear router (~$40 at walmart) for a bot (below). It should be able to have an IP cam connected without issues. Putting the netgear on the bot in the bridging mode and connecting to the house wireless router might increase the range. I orgionally has an extra wireless router to put on an outside mast to increase the range but a friend needed it more than than the bot project at the time. Surplus vendors often have inexpensive referbished wireless routers for tinkering.

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I did not mean netgear as in the make netgear but like in the model I have. The model I have is really networkcable to wifi.
See http://nl.hardware.info/productinfo/98718/netgear-wnce2001 for the model I refer to.
As it only contains 1 network connection I can not add a additional IP cam.

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The Arduino is control via TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND wireless router. It can control any where over the internet. You have to develop your PHP code. There is a simple example PHP code in my post for your reference.

The good thing is it can control Arduino over network without using the Arduino Network Shield. :)
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