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hey you all and thx for looking in :)

i found a 24v motor ([1]i think) in my back room, and want to have some fun using a H-bridge

now this will be my first rc car so i have little knowing.

i found this one http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/757 and want to hear if this is good or bad for running this motor

i have the servos for the control
i have the RC TX/RX
need to make full frame work for it

[1] the circuit the motor was hocked up to have 2x 12v 4 Amp batterys in Series


Well more important than the voltage is the current draw from the motor. Do you have any specs for free run and stall current?

Dont mean to insult your intellegence but, brushed or brushless?

I might question the heat dissipation capability but can't really know till you try.

Finally good god man what kind of batteries are those?

Oh and a word of warning. Careful how you power your micro controller. If you wanted to use the same battery you may need to hook up a regulator. Even though this driver has a 5v out it can only do a few mAs


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hehe thx for the repley :)

i have no data on the motor at all

Edit (1) Brushed Motor 2 wires

this is all i can give you. sry

the servo and arduino will be powered from an 9v battery or 2


Best advice then is to see if those batteries are enough to power the motor (meaning very carefully hook it up to the terminals). That would be the way to do it but Even I question the safety. If nothing happens after you Connect it, quickly disengage it.

If the motors work at decent speed, then you batteries, which you said can handle up to 4A are sufficient and the controller would be sufficient as well.

Before this though. I suggest finding some serial numbers or anything and googling them.

Oh I'm glad I caught you on another thing. If you plan to power the reciever and arduino off of a traditional 9v it will not be sufficient.


for the motor, there is no numbers at all on it so i have no luck there.

i tryed to apply only one of the battery (12v) and it send the motor spining. not sure i want to try 24v :) but ill take it to the workshop soon and get some safety. before i try, to be sure :)

i was to use a 9,6v 800mAp rc battery for the arduino and the servo. and again there is no "load data" on my servos (s3003) so again i have no clue if it works or for how long :( i gess that what you pay for re using old stuff.

but if its a 12v motor then why not use paralle battery?? so i gess its 24v :) (i think) 


The rc battery should do just fine.

I should have asked this in the first place but what did the motor come from?


its from a skateboard, they sayed it runs 30kmH and up to 100 kg, but my wight is 85 and i went no more then 7-10 kmH on plane road.


Well. That doesnt say much. That just tells you what rpm the motor is running. Have you tried looking up that skate board? The motors are really likely to be less than the batteries.

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