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Hello Experts...

Do you hnow if its posible to control those motor controlers,
and motors by arduino.

The Motor is Brushless DC Motor BG 40x25
The controler is Brushless DC Motor CONTROLER BGE 6007

i found this link..

Regards Brian (New to all this Elektronic fun)


That PDF doesn't give the full technical details of how the motor controller should be interfaced.  But, it seems likely that the Arduino will be able to drive it.  You may need a small amount of interface circuitry between the Arduino and the motor controller.

Do you have a more detailed technical spec for the controller's interface?


Thanx for your anser, i found this manuel on the controler.



OK, that PDF does tell us about the controller!  It accepts a 0-10V signal to control motor speed, as well as a few digital inputs and outputs.  Now, the Arduino will only produce a 0-5V signal using PWM.  You will need to build a non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 2, or else find a way to make the PWM output switch a 10V supply instead of a 5V supply.  Either way should work, I think.  Which one to choose really depends on your confidence with the electronics.

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