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I actually think of ways to shorten the build time....

for example when using a breadboard, I'll think up of little rules to remember components i use often, for example
I always put the Anode on the right (Long Leg Right) that way I always know which pin i need to connect to without
looking a bit closer..

for example, I always remember BCE as the transistor, so with the 2n2222's I always remember it as BCE (from behind)
and a bc... whatever (npn) was BCE (from front) that way i always know where the collector and emitter is.

I made up a rule about never shorting out the board by using the rail at the bottom for negative and the rail at the top
for positive (so i can't accidentally cause a dead short) but I tend never to both with this rule, i always use the 2 rails
at the top :D

As I build i look for ways to improve or speed it up, that and play music and think about ideas that could be spun
off from what i'm building now, i have a prototype in mind right now, i just can't be bothered at this moment in
time, i'm sure we could all be building something there's so much to do and so little time....

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