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Hello everyone Arduino community. I'm starting with the theme of wireless audio and I'm reviewing information on Arduino hardware that seems excellent to start this project, however I do not know that hardware choice.

Anyone know what hardware should I?

Thank You!


That's a bit of a vague post.
CD quality requires 4 x 44.1x106 bytes per second - an Arduino runs at 16MHz.
Does that put things into perspective?
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Because AWOL brought up the numbers, I'm curious if anyone knows what normal radio quality is?


I think FM is good to about 15 KHz. Sounds good in the car, so probably 16 bits as well.
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CrossRoads:That is very interesting. The background of people you can meet on here never ceases to amaze me.

lazaro: to add to your post I use the WTV020SD-16P module but it isn't wireless by any means. You have to load files to the sd card so streaming isn't an option. When you say "wireless" I take it that is what you are trying to do. Another down side to the WTV020SD-16P module is that there is a very noticeable delay between switching tracks/record files. For what I am interested in this 1-2 second delay between files is... It's a good learning step, I learned a lot from the example code and all of the interesting projects people have done. I would like to upgrade to something more along the lines of delay-less streaming like you are interested in now.

Or at the very least, find a way so the music files switch fluently without the painfully noticeable delay.
 Any suggestions?


I think FM is good to about 15 KHz. Sounds good in the car, so probably 16 bits as well.
FM radio has a dynamic range of about 50 dB which is roughly equivalent to a bit depth of 8. In comparison, cassette tapes (remember those?) have only about 6 bits' worth of dynamic range, and that's with a high-end recording.


But lets say I wanted to build a baby monitor for fun. How could I stream audio from one device to my arduino? Could I buy a bluetooth headset and a bluetooth shield for the arduino and pair them? I haven't seen a bluetooth shield that can be hooked directly to a speaker yet... what other options are out there?

I bet there is an engineer on here that can figure out a way to approach this.


Much appreciate your apptaciones.

It has been very useful. I researched a little more about wireless transmission and have found good information regarding NRF24L01 module. Now need to encode it and try.

Greetings. :)

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