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I've been invited to a party in a few weeks and had a really cool idea. Basically, synchronise my Neopixels to the music. What I mean by this is the colour, brightness, speed, variables like that could change in time with the music.

Can someone please tell me 1. if it's possible and 2. what kind of microphone I will need.

Thank you :)



I've once done a little project like this, just to try the Fast Fourier Transformation library (http://wiki.openmusiclabs.com/wiki/ArduinoFFT). I used a simple electret microphone with pre-amp from eBay. Frequencies up to 5kHz can be sampled without problems as the Arduino isn't fast enough to sample any higher frequencies with enough accuracy. My code showed the sample windows/center frequencies on an OLED display but you could do anything you like with the values. Choose frequencies like 150Hz, 1kHz and 4kHz, where you can use the lowest frequency for light intensity and the other two for (random) colors.



Thank you very much, this is very useful.


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