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I am running it on 5V supply without changing the jumper , and using 2 diodes.

So, your board is working fine, cause I tried that setup and could not make it work. Functionality was erratically.


You are abs right. Tried that with my two modules and did work. Maybe I tried that in the past with the defective one I had. Good!

Roger Clark

Just a note in case anyone else tries this.

I bought one of these modules on eBay and following some instructions from someone on YouTube, I resoldered the jump link to set the voltage to 5V instead of 3.3V (there are 3 solder pads and you join 2 of them).

I did this because I could not get the module to make any sounds, even though the (busy) LED was flashing as if it was receiving commands etc.

Anyway. Following switching the module to 5V, it still didn't work, but when I tried to re-load the AD4 files, the SD card was no longer readable.

So it looks like the module may work on 5V, but not all SD cards (well not mine).
Hence I'd not advise anyone to try this unless the know their SD card is 5V tolerant.
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Well, I don't think any micro sd card works at 5V. So, basically If does not work, It is not weird. If you need your wtv working at 5V, interconnect the diodes 4007 and go back that soldered pin to 3.3v.


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