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hello guys

first post for me...

ive been trying to get the module working for some time today... and finally got it making sounds.
thx for all the information in this post, was very helpful!

except for the issue ive faced! Everything was hooked up correctly, formatted the sd-card (SanDisk 64mb) in fat16.. etc..

But nothing happened..  I only noticed that the busyPin-LED was glowing all the time... first i thought this might be normal, but it is not!
Even if it did react to buttons ive pressed or code changes iv made! But at that point of trying i didnt know that it aint normal, so i started looking for the problem:
   - formated the SD-card x-times
   - soldered the jumper to 5v tested, and then again back to 3.3v
   - destroyed a in ear headphone to get the speaker
   - took differend .ad4 files
   - hooked everthing up again
   - used different code snippets
   - readed every post ive found

As a last desperated try i was just pressing slighty against the bottom side(between pin 8 and 9) of the sd-card, while it was mounted into the slot.
AND, some reaction, the busyPin-LED was turning off.. as i pressed some buttons i noticed sounds...!
Finally it worked for me.. :)

So my conclusion is, that the SD-card might not have decent contact to the module, even if it looks fitted!

Hopefully this might help someone... like your posts helped me!


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Necesito una ayuda, he visto que el creador de la libreria es argentino asi que lo escribire en español para explicarme mejor y luego lo intentare traducir.

Compre este modulo:


Doy por hecho que es el mismo que usan todos ustedes. Estoy intentando conectarlo de manera aislada (el punto 8.8 del datasheet)solo vcc, gnd, el led de estado, reset  ,play/stop y el altavoz.
Cuando arranca parpadea el led y se mantiene encendido, el reset parece que funciona pero cuando le doy al play se escucha como ruido y se apaga el led, y un 1-2 seg mas tarde deja de sonar y se enciende el led. Se que el modulo es muy especial con las sd, he probado 4: una kingston y una scandisk de 2gb, una de 256mb y una de 4 gb tracens y con cada unos de se escucha un tipo de ruido diferente. He probado con varios altavoces y buzers, los grandes son de 8 ohmnios y 3w y 1w respectivamente.
Tambien he probado con diferentes audios, algunos ejemplos que habeis puesto aqui y otros de youtube

Otra cosa que necesito que me expliquies que es eso de los modos que viene en el datasheet. Parecen distintas formas de conectarlo pero no entiendo como el boton play/stop puede estar en diferentes pines en cada modo y sin que haya que configurarlo con algun jumper.

In english:

I´m trying to conect the module like point 8.8 of datasheet. Reset works but when a press play, led go off and i heard a noise for 1-2 second, then stop and led go on. I try with 4 differents sd (two of 2gb kingstom and scandisk, one of 256mb and other of 4gb)

I try with 2 speakers of 8 ohms and 3w and 1w, and somes buzzer and little speakers. I try with mnay audio example form hear an otrher from youtube


thanx 4 adding this library it seems that it is going to help us sooo much in our project  XD
but i need to learn more and understand more things about this library
i bought this https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11125
i need to control playing the content of the sd card using arduino
for example play song 1 when some action happens or song 2 when other action happens
could u help me ^___^
i will be sooo thankful :)  :smiley-red:


I may be being thick here but can anybody send me a download link for this library.

Thanks :)


It's attached to the first post on the first page of this thread.

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