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If you can't turn it by hand, when it has no power going to it, then there is something wrong with it.


What type of servo do you have? Note that hand turning smaller servos might damage the gears if not careful. Also the small servos like the 9g ones may strip gears if run against the internal hard stop when at near max voltage.
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its called "HS-55" micro servo


   I seem to be the only person on the planet that this happens to, but I often need to connect a 1K or 10K resistor in the signal line to the Servo or my projects hang.

Like I say no one else seems to have this problem but maybe I just use a wider variety of servos.

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Now i have tried 9v in to the arduino dc.
And 6v into the servo.

Also 10k resistor on signal line.

Must be something broken with the servo

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