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Ok guys, i purchased me a new LCD and everything is fine now.


A Guy give me the right solution in my Youtube Video that i made few postings before, he told me that maybe the D4 Pin on my LCD was brik or have a internal defect and i have to check it. I did that and saw that the D4 Pin was not working on both of my AV1621 LCD´s

Soldering and wires are ok. Just a simple manufacturing defect.

Thank u guys for all your help.



Only blocks with the lower on 50% of the light power..

I think something got lost in the translation. 

If you are saying that you have one row of blocks then you have a different problem.

If the single row of blocks appears to be on the lower half of the display then you have the display upside down.


Excuse me for my weird post, i was kinda drunk, haha.

What i mean, the lowest of the 2 bars on my lcd appears to have only 50% of it's light printed. I have the same problem as HHTHH so i suppose my lcd is also defect.
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Guys after all your helping tips i thought that i show you all my projekt that i´m working for.

Thanks again to all of you :)




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