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Hi everybody, I've just got my arduino and I'm trying to interface it with a lcd screen from a dead sony ericsson t230 http://sandiding.tripod.com/lcdt230.html, but since I don't have any experience I'm stuck.
Here are my main points of concern on which i need help:

First of all the wiring is a bit difficult because the contact pins are really tiny and I have never soldered anything.

Second, it uses a controller which isn't supported by the lcd library (correct me if i'm wrong), and the assembler code on the website is confusing me. Do i have to modify the library to support this chip or rewrite it completely?

Third the screen uses an i2c interface which is supported by the wired library, there is also a beta lcdi2c library on the playground. If anybody has used it, can you tell me if I can use this library, or should I modify it?

If there is anything i'm missing/doing wrong here please let me know.

Your help is much appreciated, thank you all.

//Sorry if I make errors, english is not my mother language.


You have to use the wire libary and I2C to drive the display.

Look in the playground for how to hook up Arduino to an I2C device.

And for the soldering, it's seriously difficult to solder to that type of connector, it's meant to be pushed into a matching "female comnector" usually one that is soldered to a PCB. If you can find th matching connector it will be easier to solder to it's pins. But with some care it is possible to solder directly to the connecter on the display. Use the finest soldering tip you can get your hands on.

One important thing is that it looks like the display is running on 2.85 volts so you will need a suitable powersupply for it.


This is an awsome project,
The LCD control as you have seen in your reference is the UC1682. If you search for it on the web, you will find an extensive datasheet for it.

Doing electronics as a proffession, is very much careful reading of datasheets, the first data sheets take very long to digest, but you will get quicker and quicker for each datasheet you read.

Try reusing the connector to the display, and solder some very thin wires to the connector.
You can lift the connector from the board by carefully applying hot air.



Hi, thank you both for the quick reply, i'm sorry to have let so much time pass but i've had some school-related work to do. I've found the datasheets for the LCD control online and they are pretty long indeed  ;) but i'm trying to get through them. As for the physical connection part i desoldered the connector from the pcb, but that didn't help me much, the connector is tiny too. My soldering skills are almost nonexistent that's why i've figurd out another solution.
As you can see in the image, i'm thinking of pushing a pin through each of the round connection points, so i can attach some wires to them more easily. I have to figure out how to isolate the pin heads so they don't short. Do you think this might be a solution or i would just totally cripple the connector?
Thank you!

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