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I used a charged 200v cap to blow out the filament so I can use it to arc the two terminals,
the driver had a open circuit failsafe so I had to solder from a via to a nearby cap to disable the safety, otherwise it would only turn on for a split second unless I had the other end grounded so it could arc, but then it wouldn't give off that cool corona discharge
I looked up the datasheet and it was either build a circuit to replicate the closed circuit voltage (2vac with a 5v offset) to keep the short circuit safety still working or short out a pin to ground to disable both safeties
its pretty cool, draws alot whe. Its fiving out the corona disharge, >10amps if I have my whole hand on the bulb, .3amps If an arc is struck

Where could I get a syring like that? I definetly don't want to have to pump hooked up all the time


That's pretty cool!  I have not done any projects with high voltage yet, but when I do I may start with the bulb.

I work in the medical device industry where needles are common.  Not sure where to buy them retail.  Try calling your doctor, dentist, or veterinarian and tell him what you want it for. 

You may want to use a valve or stopcock on the vacuum line so you can disconnect it from the pump after the cavity is pumped down.  If you just pull out the needle, some air may leak in.


Well on my first trial attempt the glas cracked, a little silicone fixed that,
it still leaks slowly but only over like an hour
a regular tube worked fine, I just bent it over itself twice and clamped it, maybw that was the cause of the leak
my gap of 2inch is too large to arc across directly with the laptop driver, ill have to finish my HV supply first I guess, hopefully 15kv will be enough, I don't think this went much over 1kv
im definetly gonna need rubbers spacers throughout the inside, which kinda takes away from the look, maybe ill find thicker glass this is maybe 1/8 window pane glass
it did corona a little on the wire definetly not as much as I would like, perhaps because I don't think it got too low of a vacuum
I used a refrigerant vacuum pump, anyone know if perhaps it isn't strong enough? I don't know the different types of pumps


Yeah I thought perhaps of rubber spacers spread conviently throughout the glass to help keep it from shattering

You could do what the LumiDisk seems to do: fill the gap with glass beads.
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I could but I was really hoping for a clearer look, maybe clear silicone blobs spread evenly or even in some neat pattern, or perhaps ill try for a grid and have some aluminum tape as my electrode throughout, although then it would be harder to pump out
I think ill try with the spacers with the glass I have salvaged, and if it doesn't work ill just find more glass

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