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You have to change the linker options to get it.

And therein lies the problem for Arduino.
The Arduino IDE does not allow you change the linker options.
(Although can set the linker options if abandon the Arduino IDE for mpide or use make with your own makefiles)


I as more interested in the formatted print functions than managing longs or floats. I usually do that myself beforehand. Long way round but it works for me at my poor level of comprehension of the language. It might take a few more lines of code but it works. I have little interest in floats anyway... too much like the job I retired from. This is my retirement hobby not a vocation. B'sides the Arduino is more a teaching platform than any kind of really accurate analog device and those I can buy as peripheral chips and talk to then with one serial bus or another. The Arduino is much better than TV... I don't care for the new stuff and I've seen too much of the old stuff. I noticed my cable box was out of order today and I just unplugged it...  If I get a rountoit... maybe I will do something about it. Rountoits are really hard to come by these days though.

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