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One side of the board has the folowing pin layout

[ reset - 3v3 - 5v - ground - ? - Vin    ]  [analog 0 - analog 1- analog 2 - analog 3 - analog 4 - analog 5]

at around Vin, there is a pin that is not documented before or after i'm not sure so it could be
[ reset - 3v3 - 5v - ground - ? - Vin    ]
[ reset - 3v3 - 5v - ground - Vin -?     ]

So i wonder what this ? does, is it perhaps a place to attach external wires for power togther with Vin (instead of usb/or plugin conector) ?

if it is not what is it ?

and if it is not where should i connect (solder) wires to connect to an external power


According to the schematic (http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino-duemilanove-schematic.pdf), there are two ground pins.


it's even silk screened onto the board

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