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Apr 03, 2015, 06:58 pm Last Edit: Apr 04, 2015, 12:09 am by common_ground
An update to the -flto option : It fails !

My sketch on my Arduino Mega 2560 board was growing

Anyone knows how to fix this ?
In release notes for 1.6.3 They say, among other things :

* Upgraded toolchains: statically compiled, ship with Link Time Optimization plugin (disabled by default)
So it is statically compiled and when you enabled -flto then your sketch become much bigger , i declare bug in some previously release ( 1.6.1 on windows ) there was no Link Time Optimization included at all and Federico deside to include it next time, but statically compiled.

Now solution is simple - download avr toolchain from atmel directly ( LTO included and not statically compiled ) and copy over existing one , LTO works great, but sometime, it is incompatibile with linker and that is reason why we can not using -flto allways.

LTO may introduce new, optimization-related bugs

On Linux, only available pre-compiled avr-toolchain from atmel is statically compiled, so you must build non-static toolchain core from source or use core from previous IDE version ( core from 1.6.1 on Linux was non-static , i think ).

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