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Topic: NE Iowa/SE MN/Westren WI or Des Monies IA? (Read 4 times) previous topic - next topic


Anyone in those areas?  I live in NE Iowa though go down to Des Monies sometimes and am very new to arduino.


I'm a little late, but I'm in NE iowa as well, let me know if your interested in communicating. Thanks





I'm a bit too far (Central_MN). I go to Twin Cities for shopping from time to time and know a few locations worth checking out, like the AX-man surplus stores. Anyway it's nice to see posts like this one. Not a lot of forum members identify their locations though.


An Arduino Group was started this past summer and is growing here in Minneapolis. We meet the first Thursday of each month at Code 42 Software. Come join us!


We also have a hackfests and other events planned at the HackFactory throughout the year. We are also looking to bring meetings to educational institutions such as high schools, college and universities later this year. Hope you can attend an upcoming meeting!

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