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Hi All,

I'm totally new in this Arduino and pushing box. Managed to find the officiall code from pushingbox.com  via http://makeprojects.com/Project/Notifying-Doorbell-with-PushingBox/2165/2

and try out step by step of hardware/software set up, but still could not get notified sms when pressed the doorbell. Can you all help me with it?

Follow the instruction, i changed the mac address which found at the sticker of ethernet shield, and copy/paste the devid code from senarios, please guide me beside these 2, whereelse i need to change?

In Serial Monitor show:
Ethernet ready
pinDevid1 is HIGH
sending request

pinDevid1 is LOW
Thus, I'm thinking the problem should be Http request part from Pushingbox to Prowl, and wondering if anyone has the same issue as mine. And you help to solve it please or any suggestion to check on the setting,etc?

Thanks for your help, and any guides/suggestion will be much appreciated.


Hi All,

Seem noone encounter similar problem like me.

By looking at the serial monitor display, it's seem to me the connection between Arduino and Pushingbox got issue. Hmm...Any ideas on what i should check to find out the problem?

Please helpppppp



Pushingbox to Prowl

Never heard of any of that. Perhaps you have links to what ever those are?
Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.   8)


I just started with this and found the same problem. After a lot of trial and error and research I found a bit of info on the Arduino reference pages.
I made the following change and all works now.
#define DEVID1 "Your DEVID"
String DEVID1 = "Your DEVID";

Your DEVID needs to be set to the DEVID from pushingbox.

This is the info I found in the reference section on the Arduino site http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Define
"This can have some unwanted side effects though, if for example, a constant name that had been #defined is included in some other constant or variable name. In that case the text would be replaced by the #defined number (or text)."


I am having the same problem, but I did not try your solution of using the "string".  I will try that and post my results.

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