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I am currently trying to build a Arduino Kit that will make teaching and learning simple in a classroom setting.  Please go to ArduinoKit.US for more information and please share the project with your friends.  This would be a great tool for clubs, classes and indviduals to have many common parts and tools readily available.

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I see the kickstarter project did`nt make it, will the circuit board layout be open source?

Maybe a kit of parts would be cheaper?


I was unable to raise the funds necessary for a 250 board run on KickStarter.  I based my price on US assembly and production and I am working on some other ideas.

A simple kit of parts would be cheaper.  There are many various kits of parts available and I don't simply want to add to the collection.  The idea of my kit will keep all the parts contained and easy to hook them up for projects.  Additionally, a collection of parts will not last very long in a classroom or typical adolescence learning process. 

I am planning on trying to produce the kit with outsourcing and possibly run it on KickStarter again.  I will have a firm design and prototype already built for examination and purchasing.

I'm working on the details now.


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A solution for low-cost classroom teaching materials is a low-cost Starter Kit like these:  http://goo.gl/xyiVf  

I think that using real components and understanding how to connect them is a big plus if learners are to continue on their own.

HOWEVER, 10 or 12 students using breadboards for the first time can be a BIG connection headache in the classroom. So an alternative is the plug-in approach with Electronic Bricks like these:  http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/ElectronicBrickStarterSet

Many schools and Universities are using one or both of these approaches successfully.

Also, see the free INFO  on the ArduinoInfo WIKI here - http://arduinoinfo.info   Many schools are using this, and a more specific learning sequence document will be ready soon.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about these.

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